Complex shapes drawing assignment

For this drawing assignment, we were to create a composition of complex shapes (i.e., not simply rectangular objects, or circular, etc.) that exhibits attention to unity, balance, and focal point. I immediately began to think in terms of color, but knew that I wouldn’t want to create a large drawing with colored pencils (all that teeny-tiny finger work!), so I went to oil pastels. (Confession: I totally used colored pencils on the spoon. I have no idea how to work oil pastels in such a tiny and detailed space.)

My oil pastel skills were a bit rusty to begin with, and I messed up in my first go at the underpainting for the background, but I am pretty happy with the results. I have to admit, I really dig the shine on the mug. Plus I proved to myself that I still (sorta) know my way around oil pastels. Yay!

As required, first the sketch page that has a couple different angles and close-ups. As you can see, it also includes some color mix tests.

complex shapes sketches

And the end result is in the top photo. I say end result, but there are a few things I’d like to tweak at a later date, when I’ve replenished some of my oil pastel stock. But I like this for now.


Still life drawing assignment

Aaaand here is the final drawing of the still life with squares and circles, from the sketches in the last post. This is just charcoal, which I used primarily because I find it quick to work with (quicker than graphite or colored pencil, at any rate), but also because I was a little scared of it and wanted to get better acquainted. Way back when I took my last art class (high school?), charcoal gave me anxiety because of how permanent that black is on the paper. But I wanted to get over that, so I went with it here and just incorporated the mistakes into the drawing.