Landscape drawing assignment

I know, it’s been a while since I updated. Spring Break happened, and then I just kept…not updating. But don’t worry, I’ve been busy all the while!

Here at last is the finished landscape. Charcoal and erasers, and a paper towel used on the sand to approximate the texture. The sand was definitely the most challenging part of the drawing, while the clouds were just really fun to make.



Landscapes – sketchbook assignment 6

This assignment was simply to find four different landscapes and sketch them, one of which will be developed into a final landscape drawing. I’m leaning toward the last one, which is of a beach in Newport, OR (I lived in Oregon for two years before moving to NC), and that in my photo of it has some cool shadows on the sand that I kind of really want to draw.

Anyway, here are the four: the Traunsee in Austria, a bridge in Newport, a view of the Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island, and the Newport beach.

And just for fun, the photo of the beach that I will ultimately be working from is at the top.