Colored pencil sketches – sketchbook assignment 7

This assignment was to put our knowledge of form, shape, & value into working with color, specifically colored pencils. I did this on an earlier assignment, the soda can, but it was nice to just do a sketchy assignment with them and choose objects with great colors to draw. Six sketches are below.

If I’d been a little more ambitious, and if my white ink pen hadn’t died on me just the day before, I would have added the lettering to the book covers and the pen canister. Alas.


Landscapes – sketchbook assignment 6

This assignment was simply to find four different landscapes and sketch them, one of which will be developed into a final landscape drawing. I’m leaning toward the last one, which is of a beach in Newport, OR (I lived in Oregon for two years before moving to NC), and that in my photo of it has some cool shadows on the sand that I kind of really want to draw.

Anyway, here are the four: the Traunsee in Austria, a bridge in Newport, a view of the Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island, and the Newport beach.

And just for fun, the photo of the beach that I will ultimately be working from is at the top.

Contour, mass, & volume – sketchbook assignment 4

These sketchbook pages explore three different ways of creating the illusion of volume and mass with 2D media. Four sketches demonstrate creating volume and depth by using cross-contour lines to reveal not just outlines of a form, but the various shapes that make up its surface. Another four sketches show volume with dramatic light and dark contrasts, gotten by first toning the paper to a medium gray with charcoal, then pulling out lights with an eraser, and finishing by developing the shadows. The last four show form and suggest volume by developing only the negative space around an object, in my case a dining chair positioned at different angles.

contour linesnegative space

You can see in the third set of sketches where I messed up pretty dramatically on one chair area and had to erase the best I could. Result: ghost chair!

Texture panels – sketchbook assignment 3

This assignment was about exploring a wide variety of textures and practicing rendering them. I chose both graphite and colored pencil for this, for a couple reasons, namely that I wanted to make sure I remembered how to use colored pencils at all. And a sketchbook is a lower-stakes proving ground. Though there is something to be said for working only in a medium like graphite or charcoal, because you don’t have to think about color so much.

The captions got cut off on the bottom two, but what you’re seeing there are the bristles of a watercolor wash brush and a segment of a linen curtain panel.

Gradations & still life drafts – sketchbook assignment 2

The second sketchbook assignment had two parts, the first being a series of lines and gradations exploring different dry media, to get an idea of what you can do with them. (Lots of squiggles below.)

The second part was a series of sketches for a still life drawing of square and circular objects, showing four different angles. For the drawing assignment based on this, we were to choose the best or most interesting angle. I ended up going with the angle that’s looking slightly up from below.