This is a post about WEB214

Boy, starting/keeping a blog sure is a popular class assignment. At least in my classes so far!

I’ve been musing for a while about adding a new dimension to the purpose of this blog, and thanks to a prompt in my WEB214 class, I think I may have it. I mean, I have a writing background. I love design, illustration, art, etc. Why not…write about that? Genius, right?

One of the great things about design and illustration is that they look both forward and backward in time. Even while we design for the future, their histories are bound up inescapably in everything we do as designers and artists. And not coincidentally, they have a rich history of being employed to bring stories to vivid, fascinating life. I’m keenly interested in these things, alongside actually designing and illustrating myself, which is why I want to make writing about them part of my creative life.

So, here we are. All posts pertaining to this class, such as this one, will get their own special tag so they can be viewed more easily as a group.



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