Short Project – Branding

This very first, and very short, project was about creating some pieces of branding for a (fictitious?) client, Junior Aquatics. We were tasked with coming up with three pieces for a hypothetical client meeting, to be delivered in a half hour. Apparently quick turnaround like that can be expected in the real world sometimes. Which terrifies me a little now, because, full disclosure, this took me more like an hour. And honestly it would have taken longer if I hadn’t already had a couple of mockup templates just sitting around. I had to find the third, which took longer than I’d hoped, because the ones in the top few results of my Google search were priced, and I’m broke, so I had to wade around for a free one.

But anyway, this frustrating little exercise turned out the below spread of mockup items: a t-shirt, a water bottle, and business cards.


I dunno, but I dig the wavy stripes.


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